Rehearsal method

Clever and useful rehearsals!

Rehearsal methodology as a megatrend - whether classical, jazzy or pop ensemble - a consistent, time-saving and easy-to-implement rehearsal system.


In my coaching I will show you:


  • a hands-on approach to improving ensemble sound
  • methodical steps to develop the areas of pulse, sound generation, balance and musical design
  • the use of a rhythm language for the safe implementation of meter and rhythm
  • versatile exercises for use in rehearsals
  • a detailed description of the handling of wind instruments and percussion
  • the right approach, sound generation and breathing
  • a systematic approach to problems with intonation, teamwork, clear intonation
  • Interpret the different styles of music correctly
  • various methodological tips for working with beginners, advanced and professional ensembles

For all inquiries - regardless of the coaching - please contact me using my contact form or send me an email to

I am very much looking forward to accompanying you on your successful path!

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